Mother and Baby

Pricing, Dates...

Dr Des cares about meeting your needs and answering your questions. She wants you to feel safe and sure about everything to do with your birthing experience and caring for baby. Read some frequently asked questions about the classes and feel free to get in touch with Dr Des for any clarification.

From how many weeks pregnant can I enroll?

You can enroll from as early as 20 weeks pregnant

Forthcoming six week courses - 2020


Tuesday evening course 6 to 8pm for 6 weeks

13 October to 17 November

Sunday afternoon course 3 to 5pm for 6 weeks

18 October to 22 November

Crash course over 3 weeks 6 to 8pm

Tuesday 24 November

Sunday 29 November

Tuesday 1 December

Sunday 6 December

Tuesday 8 December

Sunday 13 December

Dates & times are subject to change

Pricing & Payment

The online COVID courses are discounted by 25% ie from R2400 to R1800 / couple

The regular in-person classes are most likely to start in January and are R2400 / couple. 

Online courses may still be available.

Some medical aids contribute.

Is postnatal support offered?

You are not alone after the birth as WhatsApp/email/phone call queries are welcomed.

Postnatal home/whatsapp CONSULTATIONS for BREAST FEEDING help are charged as GP consultations. 


Cell: 082 680 5353

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