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Happy Family


My husband and i never stop talking about your wonderful lessons. 
You should hear us saying to each other 'Babe i miss Dr. Des' antenatal classes' 
He never stops saying how professional you are!!!

Palesa & Itumeleng

Thanks Dr Des for a very informative, insightful class which has really been a method of making us feel more sure and calm about the future. 
We definitely will be referring to your notes many times to come. 
We enjoyed and were grateful fro your lessons.
Thank you!

Monique & Jason

Thank you so much for the classes, we really enjoyed each and every one of them! We especially enjoyed how informative and interesting they were!
Thank you for giving out notes at each class… Thank you so much for providing snacks and drinks… Thank you for being so approachable and kind – it really goes a long way.
We really and truly learned a lot and will definitely recommend your classes! 

Wayne & Yael

Parent of two beautiful kids with the third one on the way—thought I knew everything but learnt so much.
Thanks Des!!

Peter & Lanette

We loved the class and felt it extremely helpful. We will definitely recommend your class!

Christy & Stuart

I especially liked the notes as they will be very useful … when we are in a post-partum hazy panic.
Thanks so much

Robert & Gila (medical doctor)

We really learned a lot and feel so much more ready to begin our role as parents! You have also calmed us down a fortune about the birth & really appreciate all the care & effort you put in these lessons.

Avi & Sarah

Des’s course was informative, practical and fun! - it’s a very useful guide for expecting parents.

Gavin & Mandy

Highly recommended! Des is so committed and passionate about educating mom’s & dads “To Be”s.
Definitely a worthwhile experience.


I found this course very helpful and educational. I can’t wait to use all the helpful tips learnt on my baby boy. Des was wonderful and so helpful. Thanks for answering all my questions.


We enjoyed your classes and the wealth of knowledge shared in the classes – it helped us learn a lot especially as first time parents.
We hope you continue to provide your excellent service with a warm smile.

Thando & Aya

Thank you very much for the informative sessions. This course is highly recommended. It highlights aspects that we were unaware of. We go into this new phase of our lives better equipped.
Thank you very much for your time and professionalism

Adam & Jaurdine

The class was very informative. We learned a lot. The notes are very handy, they will certainly help. 
The activities were exciting and [provided practical] experience. The snacks were also very nice. Thanks for sharing your life experiences as a mother. 
Keep up the good work. We all felt welcomed in the sessions. We will certainly recommend the classes! Thank you!!

Thank you very much fro the great classes! We enjoyed them very much and appreciate that you remain neutral on 'non important' issues but firm on the important points.

Tanya & Iqbal

I just wanted to thank you for the information regarding natural birth. I did follow your advice, especially the breathing and it helped so much! …all in all, it was the best experience of my life.

Lesego & Given

Sejal & Bradley

Dr. Des is absolutely wonderful in what she does! I would recommend her to anyone expecting a baby. Thank you for everything that you have taught us - we feel so much more comfortable and ready with the near arrival of our baby boy than we did before.

Danielle & Henco 

Dr Des's Antenatal Classes were excellent!! As a first time mom, I found them to be so informative and helpful. She is very patient and kind in explaining everything that one wishes to understand about the journey of pregnancy and even after giving birth. I enjoyed these classes very much and would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Dr Des shared wisdom and a lot of insightful facts, that we are so grateful for. She herself is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and also brought in additional speakers on various topics. I feel equipped and far less anxious to take on the privilege and responsibility of being a Mum.

Tamaryn & Lion 

Dr Des' Antenatal Classes are highly informative with practical embodied exercises that really help one take it all in. Even the scary stuff didn't seem too bad after the classes :) Best of all, you leave as part of a community with other new parents.

Bongile & Zama

Vuyi & Nini

I absolutely loved and appreciated Dr Des's classes. She provides a very positive outlook on preparing for child birth and caring for a new baby, with expert advise from other speakers. I definitely recommend this to soon to be parents.


Absolutely amazing prenatal classes. Des shares such invaluable knowledge any new parent should have. We felt more empowered after every lesson. Highly recommend her classes!

Natasha & Adriaan

It was an absolute joy sitting in on Dr.Des ante-natal classes. We learnt so much from practical tips during pregnancy through to infant care as well as the science behind other things, all of which will serve us well when our little one arrives.

Nyasha & Ken

Very informative, comprehensive, and practical antenatal classes.We did our classes online due to lockdown regulations, and Dr Des made us all feel welcomed and got a great sense of group camaraderie going even though we'd never met before. Loved the class notes, and just looked through them again in this final week before baby arrives. Thanks Dr Des for such an amazing and very valuable experience.


There is so much to learn as a 1st time mom and dad and it does feel overwhelming. These classes helped to digest it all in bite size pieces. All the material to augment the classes were very helpful and Dr Des patiently took us through it. Constantly empowering and reassuring us that we would be ok. Thank you Dr Des


Dr Des' Antenatal Classes were informative and insightful. Dr Des is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend that all first time expectant parents attend her antenatal classes.

Dr Des covers some great content, she also includes additional speakers who provide different perspectives. Overall I would highly recommend these classes for first time parents.


100% Recommend these classes. Des is wonderful and made my husband and I feel so much more confident about becoming new parents!

Lerisha & Nazeer 


We had such an amazing experience in the face to face class. 😍 We learned so much from Dr Des, and we arrive in labor with confidence and knowledge.Thank you Dr Des 🙏

Ayala & Henrico

Dr Des’ antenatal classes are still so insightful and empowering for a mom-to-be. Enjoyed the virtual interaction with other parents-to-be.

Really enjoyed Dr Des's classes. They were informative without being too formal and they covered all the key questions I had on my mind while preparing for the birth of my baby.


This was an amazing and very informative gathering especially for first time parents who dont know a thing! Des is very approachable and is ready to assist with any questions! Thank you for these classes, they really help!


Thank you for all your teachings. The breastfeeding one really came in handy.

Very insightful



Thank you for keeping it so concise, simple and informative. I hope to take all the knowledge you’ve imparted with us and put it into practice in the best possible way.

We have really enjoyed and learned so much from your classes. We would like to thank you once more for the amazing sessions.

Rego & Dise

Fatima (Gynaecologist)

Thank you for such an informative course! I really appreciate it.


Thank you again for all this useful Information. Bar and I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable and ready for our next chapter.

Laura & Bar

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